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946 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh 946 days ago
The recent http://www.hdif-tz.org/ grant with Geeks Without Bounds, SNV and The University of Twente. 
Willow B Pervasive game at the Community Based Adaptation conference in Nairobi, Kenya, was well recieved. Blog entry forthcoming.
  • Has the project appeared in the news recently?
Indirect mention at HDIF Round 1 Winners Announced: "Revolutionizing the information infrastructure of public water services"
Lighting talk at Development and Climate Days in Lima, Peru: https://youtu.be/ZgwzkBBcIoc at 25:56 
965 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh 965 days ago
(Lisha in lead for this agenda point, based on grant)
Willow B Work going on with other dashboards -- where is this documented? http://shuletz.herokuapp.com/ << representing, not coordinating
overall project status
(Drew, can you do this, based on the blog entry in process?)
upcoming training game in Nairobi
(Willow in lead on this)
update on how Emmanuel is doing
(Emmanuel as lead, clearly)
Doing great! Doing issues on github. Having problems on progress - need a superviser. Not sure if people are getting my work. Only guy on beginner friendly list on github.
  • updating on own git and then doing pull requests.
  • Florian Rathgeber - please give Lisha the ability to see what Emmanuel has been up to.
  • lisha@gwob.org is going to send a list of questions that Emmanuel can answer at the beginning or end of each work day.
970 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Florian Rathgeber , lisha@gwob.org 970 days ago
Hangout 2015-04-16
Florian R
  • desired outcome: have a waterpoint fixed as a result of using taarifa in TZ
  • challenges (covered in blog posts)
  • complete lack of technical ability in Dar
  • strong buy-in from Bunda DWE (Dirk, Mark and Yola met him)
Florian R
  • supporters exist, "just" need to connect with them
  • concrete next steps
  • approval from gov needed?
  • need to make sure we get some ROE out of this
  • human resources
  • GWOB: Lisha, potentially 1 intern (TZ + Ecuador)
  • Taarifa: Dirk, Mark, Florian (though not full time!)
  • Dar team: Emmanuel (?)
  • potentially hire Paul Uithol
  • Consortium meetings
  • people from Twente, SNV, Lisha (where possible)
  • May 14 + 16 meeting in Dar
  • May 25/26 in The Netherlands
  • Create Bunda version of Taarifa (or adapt the Iringa version)
  • We should have this up and running for a demo at May 14.
  • What does the Bunda deployment need? What is the timeline for actual deployment?
  • We can make improvements on the system that was deployed in Iringa.
  • Dirk, Florian, and Willow can discuss these things, create clear set of requirements.
  • Mark Says, "Nothing NEEDS to happen. There are things that WOULD BE NICE to happen. until we know the technicality of UDSM and Twente, but this is a social consideration. It's their code, and we will integrate. The 'compromise' is they provide thier SMS and USSD. We provide dashboard, triage. All win"
  • Where does the Sema code live?
  • It doesn't. Not really open source. It's academic, uses open source software, but isn't necessarily giving that code back to the community.
  • They use local developers in Dar, don't use licenses.
  • There is a need for education regarding Open Source ethos.
1206 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh 1206 days ago
Aug 23 Dar meeting
Willow B
  • Emmanuel
  • Emil
  • Mussa
  • Willow
  • Mark
  • Dirk
  • Julius
  • Development Environments
If Dirk and Mark make it today, they'll help, otherwise we'll set up a time to do this.
  • Github Repositories
Taking on Issues
Encouragement to jump in on issues, ask questions where it almost makes sense but not quite. This is a great place to add up time and get involved.
Translation Framework
Where is it? What is it?
  • Paper Proposal
For hospital inventories.
Questions of supply chain - Municipal office receives most requests for stocking hospitals.
Emmanuel did a great review of another possible application of Taarifa in Tanzania, picking pharmaceutical distribution to hospitals (this currently happens quarterly - if you run out of a drug in the meantime, tough luck). He thinks we can use Taarifa in this circumstance as well. He definitely understood the delays currently present that Taarifa helps address in water point mapping, and that those are also present in the medical industry here.
This is meant as an exercise in keeping Taarifa flexible enough to be applied to other topics and other locations. What of the platform should be core to the code base, and what is specific to the water point application? What tasks would be applicable to making the core code handle something like this?
One thing asked about in this conversation is that Water Points Taarifa is about many nodes with few factors. The hospital idea has few nodes with many factors - I see this as needing more of a survey tool than what Taarifa seems like. Emil boils the conversation down to this question: could we define a schema for the hospital like we do for water? If so, would we use the same API and dashboard setup?
  • Moneys!
Paying for time so far
Paid everyone in cash. Need invoices, and a written receipt that it's been paid.
How to pay in future
Western Union seems like the best bet, so we're going to make sure we have all the info needed.
OCSD Grant
Dar team is going to take a look at this, and if they're game, outline a potential concept note by Tuesday morning.
DFID Grant
The Taarifa consortium is a part of a large deployment grant proposal with Twente and SNV. The Dar development team is a small but significant portion of this, and it would cover continued wages for another year and a half.
The Dar team is going to consider markets using the Taarifa platform, so the team isn't dependent upon the funding cycle.
1206 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh 1206 days ago
  • Compensation will be awarded to each team member upon on a bi-weekly basis for the previous 2-weeks' work 
  • July 28th - 12 hours
Willow B
  • meeting Aug 22 - 3 hours
  • up to Aug 22 - 15 hours
  • meeting Aug 22 - 3 hours
  •  meeting Aug 22 - 3 hours
  • Meetings
1210 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh 1210 days ago
Dar es Salaam Water Workshop
How can we get the best out of the experiences?
Willow B ==First Two Presentations==
Verbatum for slides. Please go look at those.
Do we need a structure on which to work together?
  • ==Open Data Dashboard==
Dashboard to visualize and query the info in an intuitive way. The WPMS has its own way to go through the information. We're going for a more integrated and rich understanding. Add in census, water quality, education, etc.
Web-based, so don't need to install anything. Built to highlight BRN! goals.
The population coverage is approximate - as the data improves, the number will change. Willow points out that as the numbers become more accurate, the "coverage" may drop, but things may actually be improving.
Can drag and drop the bits of the dashboard you're interested in.
HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME. WELL DONE, DIRK. Like, damn, son. And kudos to Edward for wanting it done.
Q: Can the indicators presented as dollar amounts to link to the DPR scheme. For 75% of the points that need repair have an estimate auto-calculated?
A: Useful for that, yes. From a technical standpoint, that's easy. The formula for that number is needed, and would need to be transparent. The implications of following that number needs to be clear.
Q: Does it have to be connected to the internet?
A: The map tiles come from online, but the rest can run stand-alone (that could b as well). But the really interesting stuff comes when you're querying other live databases - the moment a water point gets updated, your view also changes.
  • ==National and District Level WPMS Requirements based on BRN==
Goal of being a middle-income country by 2025. Water NKRA. 
# Agriculture
# Education
# Water
# Energy
# Transportation
# Resource Mobilization
Water NKRA proposses 11 actionable items. Pillar one: projects. TWo: Operations and management.
KPI- Key Performance Indicators
Ministry Delivery Unit - makes sure the ministry is getting things done.
How is the information shared back? : we're starting in September. Realized people really wanted that, and it had been missing.
Verification by people going out the check. How often? 
Updating weekly is diffiult. Easier if done monthly - some things don't change. 
A: If you have an update, send it. If you don't have an update, don't send anything. Need to move quickly to serve people. If you're sending info monthly, we're not going to meet our goals. At the next level of meta, it helps us plan resources, see what's going on. To save our country, we have to move quickly.
Members (32)
Emmanuel Evance lisha@gwob.org Msilikale Msilanga morley.jeremy@gmail.com Emil Andreas Reiter Aaron Huslage shl00913@myport.ac.uk Andrea Raimondi Faeza Asad Khan Johnpaul Barretto Fayaz Valli Tony Blank Gregor Engelmann dhornbein@gmail.com fmpendazoe@snvworld.org Jeroen Verplanke puntofisso@gmail.com Cas Nadel Asheesh Laroia

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